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The decision to re-home a pet is a difficult one. While we understand that sometimes it is just not possible to keep your pet, we encourage you to exhaust all options before making this decision. If the best option for you and your pet is to re-home, Linus & Friends will provide veterinary care and a safe place until they are placed in a new loving home.  Please fill out the surrender form below truthfully and completely to ensure the best placement for your pet.


Please fill out the surrender form truthfully to allow us to understand your pet's needs and decide the type of home that would be best for them. We will not refuse an animal based on medical or behavioral issues, but we need to ensure that we will have the finances and resources your pet needs.


It is super important that you provide us with your pet's medical records. A lack of medical information can delay the time it takes to place a pet in their new home!


We recommend bringing the pet's belongings such as a bed or blanket or a favorite toy.  This will make a huge difference as your pet transitions into his or her new home.


There is no fee for surrendering a pet to us, but, if possible, we always appreciate a donation to help support our cause! 

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