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It means a lot to us that you trust us with your donation! We are a small, animal-loving team of women who, like you, hopes to "save them all."  We literally can't do it without you!  We're so excited to welcome to to our pack and we hope you stick around to watch the difference you make in these furbabies' lives. 

Sasha, our very first intake!

Our Story

Linus & Friends was created in 2021, mid-pandemic, and was named  in honor of Linus, our founder's late rescue kitty.  He is the gorgeous black cat featured on the homepage! 

We took in our first owner-surrender pup (pictured above!) in October 2021 in Orlando, FL, and by January 2022, we were on a roll taking in dogs and cats from the rural south and bringing them to safety in NYC.

Where Do They Come From?

Today, our dogs and cats primarily come in from high kill shelters in both New York and southern states including Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. Our Florida rescues stay in Florida and the rest go north. They are placed in loving foster homes while we search for their perfect furever families! Being foster-based keeps our animals out of the stressful shelter environment and gives them a chance to live in a warm and loving home prior to adoption.


Because of you, a furbaby is getting a chance at a new life!

The Impact Our Community Makes

Zoey Before.jpeg


Zoey After.jpg


This is Zoey, and her story is a complicated one.  

At some point in her life, Zoey was a loved and valued part of the family.  She lived a happy life with kids, a family, and fur-siblings.  We wish we could understand what happened, but it seems as though once Zoey wasn’t loved anymore, she was starved and cramped into a too-small crate and left for dead.

Police were contacted and after a long fight from the animal-loving community, she was confiscated and taken to a shelter.  The entire community stepped in and made noise, begging for a rescue to pull her and a foster to step up as the shelter was going to euthanize her the following day. 

Zoey was severely underweight with her tongue sliced clean off. The previous “family” told police she bit her own tongue off, but the vet confirmed that wasn’t true. Zoey had to be syringe fed for a while, until she started learning how to chomp down meatballs.  Everyone came together to fundraise for Zoey so that she could get the vetting and attention she needed to help her heal and become whole again. She was shown love and empathy by her amazing fosters, until she caught the attention of a retired nurse who just knew she needed Zoey in her life forever.

There are thousands of Zoeys we don’t know about and will never hear about because they don't make it out alive. This is the sad reality of our world.  All we can do is keep advocating, keep fighting for stricter laws on animal abuse, and keep stepping up for the Zoeys of the world. Help us fight the good fight - dogs (and all animals) deserve better.


The Team

We are three NYC based women who dedicate all of our free time to saving them all.  We love animals, each having at least one pet of our own, and we work hard every day to save as many lives as we can.  Get to know us! Whenever you receive an email, text, or social media reply, it's one of us three.

left to right: Jen, Christina, & Kristie

We want to hear from you! We'd love for you be involved, ask questions, make suggestions, ask for pictures, etc.  Don't hesitate to  reach out to us at any time. We love getting to know our donors and working together to make an even bigger impact.

We primarily use email to connect!

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Reach Out to Us Anytime!

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