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We regularly need help with things like transporting, reference checking, photography, dog training, etc.  Got a skill you want to offer up? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Linus & Friends does not currently have a physical space to house our rescues. We rely on our fosters to provide comfort and safety for our animals while we look for their forever homes. Fill out our foster application if you'd like to foster one of our rescues!

We depend entirely on donations from our supporters to further our mission. Each and every donation is used for the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals that come into our care. Donate now to help save lives!

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Want to get your community/business involved in helping animals in need? Have an event space you'd like to donate? A great fundraising idea? There are many ways you can get creative and host a fundraiser that will benefit the animals within our rescue! Please reach out if you'd like to help raise money for our furfriends!

We have merch! Browse through our store and get yourself or a loved one some Linus & Friends swag to benefit our rescues! We even have items for your rescue pet (or future rescue)! Every purchase helps fund our cause!

Your voice matters! Advocating for the fair treatment of animals is an important part of our mission and we can't do this without you! By sharing our posts and inviting your friends and family to follow us, we can expand our reach and network, therefore spreading awareness. 


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